Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lookin’ back on another great year….McPherson style…

 Hola. It is I, we, us or at least I think it is, come to disrupt your holiday boredom with word of our fantastic 2012. With 4 kids, there is always much wailing and gnashing of teeth in our house, but this time it is me, although I have agreed that I do need to get this taken care of. Of course I made the mistake of asking Melissa whether I should use Word or Publisher and she made the wrong choice and said Publisher, so as I type this in Word, we both wonder whether it will be compatible with whatever is on the new Mini Mac that we purchased for our computer useage. Yes, you heard me correctly, Melissa got tired of the full, life-sized Mac she has put up with for the past 20+ years and has downsized to a Mini. I, of course, refuse to use the little knockoff, so this will be typed on my laptop. Guess I showed her. With no further ado, the Mac 2012 edition kicks off. Age before beauty is the rule, so I am first. 

 I am in my second year as VP at a junior high with 900 students. Every once in a while I get an interesting challenge, but no more than any other normal prison guard. I discovered Yoga and wish I hadn’t of, but do feel much better and have lost 35 pounds. Still enjoy hunting birds and the dogs. I also got another Honda V-65 last summer. I had one 20 years ago that was really fast, but this one seems to slow down after 80mph. Either it is defective, or I have become a chicken. But I still love it. 

Melissa is in her second season of pre-school teaching at the YMCA. When I feel bad about my job, I listen to her stories and feel much better. At least none of my kids ask me what to do with a handful of pooh that they have removed from the swimming pool. Not sure how she didn’t quit at that point, but she hung tough. I guess the fact that she still likes kids after birthing 4 of them is testament to her strength of character. She has joined me in Yoga, and continues to do so many other things that I can’t name them all right now. Oh yeah, on January 10th she joins the rest of us ancients when she turns (gasp) 40. Send her wishes so she doesn’t think I forgot. Please. 

Garrett (G-ratticus)(16) is now a 210 pound sophomore in high school. He is built like a moose, and is stronger than an ox, and we are trying to get him to realize this. He is doing very well in school, driving (yikes) and playing golf when possible. This whole driving thing, has been interesting. Things you and I do naturally, like going over 35 when we get on the interstate, and looking before we do…not so much. I think he enjoys the (a)tension it causes us as geriatric parents. He had his first part time job this summer, and is really a very good worker. He also enjoys hunting and fishing (yuck) and is considering a career in marine biology. Wonder how many times that will change? He likes to remind his mother that she can’t whip him anymore, but I pity the day he finds out about the emotional wrath of Mel. Oh well, that is part of growing up I guess.

 Ethan (Emac) (14) is a scrawny little 8th grader. (just like yours truly) He played football, basketball and baseball this past year, and is currently playing on a travelling basketball club team. Last year we got to tour two of the nation’s finest medical facilities (Yakima-concussion and Reno-broken wrist) because his DNA won’t let him concede anything. (mom’s side) He is a very good student and I have never heard of anyone not liking him, anywhere. (no idea) Hopefully his body will catch up with his ambition so we can catch up with the medical bills.

 Cayden (CMac) (10) is a living, breathing, hormonal 5th grader. He is Garrett’s mini me. He played pulling guard in football this year, and was a one man wrecking crew. His coach raved about his ability to always pick up the right player to block and to just run into them at full speed. He asked us if Cayden was enjoying it because he never once smiled or said anything. This from the goofiest person I have ever met. Quiet in school, now in sports, what next, hunter’s ed and a gun? Pray for us. He played basketball for Melissa and grew so much as a player. He concentrates and works hard at everything he does. He also got as score in the super advanced range on the state math test. (to go with his C in the subject) Don’t think we have heard the end of that one yet. He is also an incredible button pusher who then plays the victim. Hollywood anyone? 

 Macy (9) and a fourth grader, is Ethan’s mini me. She is into soccer, and has been invited to play on many teams. (Great L) I guess she’s good, and that is a positive, but I have to go watch and it gives me hemorrhoids. Hope I can say that here. She is also very fast, which makes her a good basketball player, even though she hasn’t quite developed those skills as much. She loves to dance around the living room, and yell at her brothers. Of course they don’t do anything to deserve it. She, like her siblings, gets very good grades as well and is in advanced classes. I know I may regret saying this in the future, but we are so fortunate to have had a girl. (Don’t quote me on that) 

Last year we got to visit family in the Portland area, and friends in the Seattle area. What an awesome time we all had. Especially when my kids told me how great the view was from the space needle, as I hung on to the inner wall with all my might. I guess the wind was only blowing on me. I am sure the floor was slanting outward as well, but they all said it was just me. We visited the whole Seattle area, riding the ferries and just hanging out. Hopefully we will be able to take another trip this summer and visit some other poor unfortunate souls that happen to get in our flight path. If you ever get to Boise, please stop. We have two acres of parking, a porta pottie, and we even eat once in a while. We would love to see you. Have a spectacular 2013.

 Love the McPherson Clan