Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall. So here I am at home when I should be at work...Cayden was sick last night and still not up to par this morning so, I asked him if he was comfortable staying at home alone while I went to work.  Well of course he's NOT... I don't like being alone when I am sick.  I like to rest and be taken care of.  So I am home and he is resting and I am cleaning the house.  Obviously not doing a whole lot of cleaning since I am distracted by the thought of the computer and the need to update.  I really don't have any desire to stay on FB anymore because it's really not a healthy outlet or inlet for me.  I sit and look at other people's lives and allow their success and failures to effect how I feel about me and myself.  No Bueno.  I am going to start trying to use the blog again and update it more frequently with my thoughts and what's going on in McPherson Land here in Idaho! I guess if you are interested in us and what's happening this will be a way to keep in touch.  The phenomena of social media is pretty interesting and how it changes our relationships with people that 20 years ago we would have said goodbye to and then never seen or heard from again...now we have an almost daily look at people and their lives.  It's also a great way for seeing and watching friends and family grow up and change and experience what is happening so far away.  There really does need to be some kind of a healthy balance though...it also allows us to participate in unnecessary drama and discussions that probably should be kept to a more personal setting.  Anyway, those are just my thoughts on why I should probably get off of FB.  I enjoy the good things but it's almost like an addictive drug.  I am just going to check one thing and then before you know it 30 minutes have passed and I have wasted that part of my life which I can never get back.  I do like the immediateness of being able to communicate prayer requests and things like that though.  Anyway, back to the Fall.  The fall is hard for me. I miss my dad. I'm counting down the days til Dec 21st when the days start to get longer again. It's football season and when you are an anxiety laden mom you worry about your kids getting hurt.  Then when they do it's almost a relief that they are done for the season so you don't have to worry about them anymore.  Hunting season is in full swing.  Before when the kids were little Charles was gone so much during the fall I was basically a single parent.  Between coaching and hunting it was just me.  Now we are all running around so much and I occasionally get to head out to hunt too.  Sunday we went out with Cayden and G and it was a beautiful afternoon.  Didn't get any birds but it was a nice walk.  But then yesterday Garrett wanted to go out and look for some quail with a friend.  Enter anxiety attack.  He ended up going by himself which makes me a little less anxious but still...the boy is almost 17 (next week) and I am JUST adjusting to him driving etc...I do apologize to him frequently about the fact that he gets to be the one that I learn how to parent a teen on.  So...a little expansion on how I am feeling at this exact moment.  Now to quit procrastinating and move on to some much needed house cleaning.  Talk to you again soon.