Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mel's Monday Musings Vol 2 Tuesday edition

I think it's time for the second edition...I keep waiting to be home and able to work on a Monday...and now the phone rings! So... I have another few minutes but it's no longer Monday and it's not even December anymore let alone 2008 but oh well...I'm going to finish what I started! We had a nice Christmas vacation. Spent time visiting with friends and family... a long drive in the car...well ride for me actually as I didn't drive at all and we were in the Suburban which has so much more room!! We had dinner with my Grandma and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and Sister which was great, spent a week with the in-laws and then another couple of days with friends before we headed home. I took these pictures of our house before we left and then added to them when we got home. Yesterday (January 5th) I went by and they were putting in all the insulation and stuff. It's been snowing like crazy for around here... nothing compared to what we are used to but more than what the people around here are used to for sure! I am going to put a few pics on here and also ask for prayers for mil Jean as she was injured yesterday riding their horse.

We've picked out all the flooring for the new house and paint colors and appliances and light fixtures and....I think the majority of the major decisions have been made. It's good that someone else is doing the house building because I think that if Charles and I were actually DOING it we would either be divorced or one of him wouldn't be around anymore!! Haha..just kidding but it is kind of stressful and I really haven't figured out why. I guess because we both have our opinions about what we want or like but they aren't necessarily always the same and it's really hard to accept other peoples wrong opinions...but opinions really aren't (or shouldn't be) right or wrong they are just opinon!

I saw a quote at the church in Olney Springs that I really liked..."Christian=Being able to walk side by side even when you don't see eye to eye" or something like that. I just really appreciated that. Okay, my Tuesday ramblings for Monday's musings are over! Have a blessed 2009!!!

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