Monday, January 19, 2009

Mel's Monday Musings Volume 3

Hey there...and it actually IS a Monday... I think?!? Okay, it is. Yesterday was Cayden's 7th birthday...quite an uneventful affair. Macy and I flew down to Colorado on Friday night, had a birthday party for Michelle (33 more than Cayden) then flew back to Boise yesterday. The boy's picked us up at the airport and we met up with Steve and Nancy and headed off to Chuck E. Cheese for a little lunch and birthday fun! I guess I should throw in my birthday 8 days before that as well (4 less than Michelle). Anyway, it was fun...Macy and I had a fun time but it was TOO short...not enough time to recover the plane trip over before we had to fly home!! The trip home was First Class however and I did have a little orange "juice" which helped me relax a little bit...the trip to the lav at the back of the plane was a little bumpy though!! We had a lot of fun and got to see a lot of family and friends. Mom also flew in Saturday night as a surprise addition to Michelle's party. Saturday morning we also had breakfast with Lisa and Joe and there 3 little ones, Jason and two of his boys, Ron, Lori and Stacy, Tam, Mik and Gina, and missed a few others I was hoping to see. Maybe next visit we can get together.

The house is really coming along quickly...we're hoping to be moving in around the end of next month which will be amazing. The painters are supposed to be starting tomorrow. We need to go pick out some stone for the hearth. I do have some more pics and I will try and get them posted sometime. Charles has written our 2008 Christmas letter as well which I need to still edit and then I will post it on here for all to see.

I am really thankful for no snow on the ground and kids being able to play outside, my new job at the YMCA, recycling and a garage. I guess that's it for this edition. IT was SO nice to see you and miss you. I'll add pics as soon as I get a minute or 10!

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