Friday, April 3, 2009


SO much has happened since I last posted on here...crazy how time flies! Shortly after I posted last I got really sick with the flu and it literally KNOCKED me out of commission for awhile. The first of March we moved into our new home and there are a few pics on here of that. The kids had their core fair at school and there are a few pics on here of that. Garrett's 6th grade basketball team took second (lost by 2 points I think) in the end of season tourney after remaining undefeated the whole season! Ethan's team WON their tourney in a great game led by him! The Ashton girls basketball team made it to the state tourney which we got to go and watch... I just got back online and am really trying to get caught up on everything...bills, taxes, FB, my blog, some 200 plus emails...etc...Spring Break has come and gone and we painted our shed and got things lined up for a sprinkler system. Did a little fishing and camped out in our backyard in the camper. Work is going well. Mike is a daddy to baby girl Ellis...Greg is getting married this summer...CHANGES...Baseball is in full swing and God has richly blessed us. I'll be back soon to update some more!!

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mcojaadams said...

Beautiful pics! Especially your home!! Love the M + C too! :-)