Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 2010

Okay so it's been a REALLY long time since I've actually posted anything on here again. I've gotten so absorbed in Facebook that it seems like I never take the time to check in this way...unfortunately I know I have friends that aren't on FB so...I was going to try and update this at least once a month. A lofty goal however I am already one month behind. Oh well...I'm going to just jump in right where I am at. I am sitting at the computer at my desk in my office in our house. We moved in almost a year ago now and are loving it. There is still a lot of landscaping that needs to be done but we will hit that full force this spring. The kids are all doing really well...busy with school and sports and church activities. We went from baseball right into football and soccer and on to basketball and then a second basketball season and baseball sign ups are tonight so it goes. I am still working at the YMCA and for the most part LOVE my job! Right now I am trying to type with a jammed finger which is hard though! I also got a little frustrated at work last night with some people but other than that my work is awesome! Mac and I have been working out a lot and trying to get healthier and lose weight. I wish it melted off of me the way it seems to off of him but alas...such is life. God's blessings continue and we are thankful for every day. It seems my prayer time is overloaded lately with so many people's sufferings and I am very thankful for what we have. Best wishes to everyone for a blessed and happy 2010. I will try and update again soon and fill in some more about the kids, dogs, cats, life, etc. Until then....

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