Tuesday, December 21, 2010

McPherson Family Christmas Letter 2010

So, here we go again. Look up procrastination in the dictionary to see what I look like at age 45. I just keep getting later and later with these letters, but I guess I can be optimistic and say it is because I have a full, busy life. So, all of you know the routine by now. I sit and brag about our family so you will send us a letter bragging about yours. If I was better at twittering face book through wikileaks, this letter would become obsolete. But, I am not a user, so please keep the letters coming. It is the one time of the year I don’t get all of my information from Melissa the instant anything happens. So off we go on our merry journey.
Melissa (age undetermined) is number one of course. Anything good that happens in this household is a direct result of her patience, kindness and understanding. (Please let go of my ear now) She is still gainfully employed at the YMCA, volunteers at the school, keeps a mean schedule for all of us and manages to remain partially sane while doing it. She is entertaining thoughts of getting her teaching credentials (see above) in her spare time. Kids at the Y still think she could play in the WNBA, and I really think that is the only reason she still works there.
Garrett is now 14, and the big P has kicked in. He will soon be taller than Mel, and is growing into a fine young man. He is in 8th grade and is involved in choir, football, basketball, baseball and wrestled this year. He is also a fantastic hunting partner, when it’s not too cold or too far to walk. We harass him (that’s what parents do) about his chores etc, but is a great worker when it comes down to it. He is also a philosopher in his spare time. His great quote, “ I saw this last night, and the blue team wins, or was it the yellow team, one or the other, (while watching a high school all-star basketball game on TV) will live in infamy. One warning, if he visits, offer foot powder early and often.
Ethan is a 12 year old 6th grader (who will soon be taller than Mel) enjoying middle school life. He is involved in killing cats, I mean playing sax, football, baseball, academic bowl and is currently playing on a competitive club basketball team. One can tell that he is approaching teen hood as his ability to argue is improving. One of his highlights this year was a 98 yard touchdown reception to seal a big win for his team. His pursuit of perfection in all things must have come from me because Melissa still has hers. At FCA camp he tried lacrosse, and loved it. Ethan is everyone’s friend and stands up against all of the unfairness in the world, and I do mean all of it.
Cayden “The Crazy” is now an 8 year old 3rd grader.(Fast approaching Mel’s height) His teacher asked Melissa, with genuine concern, if he was ever going to come out of his shell. If there is a student who has ADHD, ADD or any of those other afflictions hyper kids have, Cayden gets to sit by them. They dance on the desk and he sits there and ignores them. This comes in handy when ma and pa try to distract him with ridiculous requests like “go to bed” or clean your room.” I can see his little devious grin come out, but nothing more. He is involved with football and basketball and is really quite smart. Though he does his best to hide it, not much gets past him.
Macy is now 7 and in 2nd grade. (It may be the final straw when she passes Mel) She continues to wrap every teacher she has around her finger by studying and getting good grades and helping in class and all those other overrated things that people in charge tend to appreciate. She played baseball. And took dance, and gymnastics and Brownies and will start basketball soon. Her grades are great, her smile deadly, and her tantrums monumental. Brothers all pick on her, as they should, but they watch their backs while doing it. She has her mothers tremendous sense of style, and has learned that if she sleeps in her clothes, then it takes less time for her to get dressed the next morning. Pretty smart.
I continue to apply corrective adjustments to 1700 kids at Vallivue HS in Caldwell. I love it, but it has been a crazy year. I hunt as often as possible, coached Gman in baseball and cheer like a corpse at our kids games. I have to because it is true that the only thing worse than coaching your own kids is having someone else coach your kids. I’m on therapy for this right now.
In June we took my ma and pa to the Oregon coast for their 50th anniversary. Side note, sea lion poop stinks. We had a condo right on the cliffs above the ocean. Was cool. We picked up a couple of horses after mine died. Free horses are expensive these days. Still have the two labs, and pickles the cat. Had a couple other cats that left and replaced them with two more that we haven’t named yet. Well, gotta run. Hope everyone listening to this had a great year. Hope to see more (or less if you are on a diet) of all of you this year. Never seems to happen, but Dave Ramsey is helping us get to the point where we can relax a little more. I thought if he would just pay off our debt with his millions, financial peace could happen faster, but I guess the joy is in the chase. Have a blessed Christmas, and come visit. Please call ahead for reservations though as at this time we only have 52 weeks open for visitors next year.

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BlondeBlogger said...

You are hilarious, Mel! I'm so glad I found your blog! Merry Christmas to all of you! Love you much! xoxo