Saturday, September 29, 2012


It has officially been SO long since I've updated this blog that I 1. Didn't remember the webpage name. 2. Have No idea what my password is. 3. Don't have a clue as to how I add pics, change backgrounds, or much of anything else about this page. However.... I am going to try and add an update once a week or once every other week or maybe once a month.... a goal anyway. Life here in the McPherson household is moving right along. With our family of 6 and only 2 drivers I spend an enormous amount of time as a taxi service. Back and forth to football practice times 2, work and home times 2, football games times 2/week, soccer practice and games... you get the picture. Basketball will be starting just as soon as football ends so that will add in a few more trips here and there and coaching duties as well. I really am NOT complaining... I love watching our kids participate in all of their activities and it brings much joy to our lives. Charles just asked me, "Who are you typing to?" I replied, "Our blog." "Our blog?" Yes the blog that I haven't updated in about 3 years... Who reads our blog? I have no idea but I enjoy reading other people's and it gives me an opportunity to (work on my spelling) outlet some of my thoughts and feelings... I am hoping to add some prayer request information on here...maybe some recipes or thoughts about healthy eating etc... and I don't know what else... but for today... a steps. Have a blessed week and hopefully I will be back on here again sometime sooner than 3 years from now.

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Emily Trosen said...

Hey! I totally enjoyed your blog! You should do it more often so I can keep up with whats happening in little ol Boise. Love yall,
Emily Trosen