Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cute quotes... this morning it's about oh...let me check the temp...about 30 degrees out...and Cayden has put on shorts to wear to school. Now I'm trying the whole love and logic thing with him so I let him wear them. We were walking to the bus stop and about halfway there he says, " I should have worn long sleeve shorts!" I said, "pants?" He said, "yep!" may be a cold day for him but I bet next time he goes with the long sleeved shorts instead of the short sleeved ones! Too funny!

Now last night Macy got to have her "late night" with mom and dad. That's one night during the week when one of the kids gets to stay up later than all the others and do whatever they want with us for some extra two on one attention. It works out to one week a month for last night was her night. She wanted to play "Guesstures". Now basically this is not a game that is played with only three people...especially when one of the three can't read all the cards quite yet but we improvised and worked together. After Macy guessed all four of the cards correctly she jumped off the floor onto the chair, put her hands in the air and said...look at me...I'm a Rock Star! Too funny!!

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