Monday, December 1, 2008

Moved but moving again...

Well... I will use this opportunity to let you know that WE ARE GOING TO BUILD A HOUSE!! It's kind of exciting...okay it's EXCITING! So... it will be on almost two acres and we've been working with the builder on designing and all that.
This summer and fall we looked at so many houses but none of the houses that we've looked at have been anything like what we need and since there is no work for everyone right now we thought we'd provide some jobs for people. You know, do our part to stimulate the economy! So I will include a few of the pictures of our lot. And...since I haven't sent out our address I was going to include it here but just had thoughts of crazy people who spend their lives on the internet getting that info so... I will just personally email it to those who requested it okay. If you need it email me and I will send it to you!!


Barbara Bunsold said...

Congratulations! I still have an album of film and photo - pre digital era- from when we were having our house built. It's so much fun!

The Draper Fam said...

Melissa! I am so excited for you. I drove up to your lot and loved it. No word on our situation yet, but that's ok. I am just happy for you...I am thankful for your friendship, too and loved your comment on my blog. You got to see the pics of our gynormous family!

Call me and let's go have a play day. Are you guys heading out of town? I saw Charles getting the trailer.