Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Confessions of a computer junkie

The computer sucks the life out of me...and I sit here and let it! Rather than doing all the things I need to get done I am constantly checking my email...looking to see if ANYONE has written me back or written me at all. I'm always checking to see what is going on in the world and what news I need to hear about. Checking out bank statements and working our debt snowball. When that's not enough I go back in time and check out to see if anyone has broken my old high school records and what players are still doing what. I check out the lives of old friends and seek out where they are now and if they are married and have families and why they haven't been in touch for so long. I look at old sudents and old co-workers talk to former teachers. Now that I've started doing this blog I let it take my time too...I try to think of fun topics to share and my brain runs wild with ideas for filling you in on what the kids are up to and what I'm doing...the problem is I'm not doing anything really...Don't get me wrong...I don't sit in front of the computer ALL day but I can honestly say that I don't think I can walk past it without checking something...maybe admitting this is the first step to recovery! So...if you read this take pity on my and send me an email or leave a comment or go look at my photos and let me know that you are out there....I know there are other "junkies" out there. Let's help each other out! When I think about it though...I did just leave this computer for about 30 minutes and did a load of laundry, put the duvet back on, got the kids a snack... I helped Macy with her homework and Cayden with his. I get the same way when I'm reading a good book and can't put it down or watching a movie I can't stop...or working out or....I guess I'm not just a computer junkie after all...I'm just me...

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Barbara Bunsold said...

My first thought was, "What happened to the master Fly lady?"
and then I thought to tell you Take heart. with all that searching for news about old friends you must be doing a lot of praying. That is sure to count for something too.