Sunday, November 9, 2008

Flag Football and POM-POMS

Yes... I did say pom poms... now don't get yourselves all worked up out there but I actually did let my daughter be a cheerleader this year... and she did an amazing job and loved it! I'm just hoping that by the time she gets older it will all be completely out of her system!! Actually ALL 4 of the kids participated in Upward Sports this Fall and had a great time. It's a Christian based sports program that has more of a focus on the fact that every child plays, every child learns and every child is a winner. Each week there was practice one day for one hour only and then one game on Saturday. At each practice the kids had a devotional time and learned a scripture. At half-times during the season a different person would share their testimony and the kids were rewarded for different things such as Christ-likeness or Best Offense. It was honestly probably more beneficial for these over-competitive parents trying to raise "normal" kids!! All in all it was a very successful season all the way around! Garrett showed that he has some amazing athletic abilities as did Ethan, Cayden and well Macy too for that matter! Okay so I am a bragging mother but I think that all in all we as a family collected the most interceptions, tackles, and touchdowns... and ...cheers...for the season! We did spend an extraordinary amount of time at the church for practice and games but it was also good family time! Dad made it to almost every game and only escaped once to go hunting so it was awesome. Plus we had games from 12-3 every Saturday afternoon. I did manage to work in some co-ed volleyball playing after the Thursday night practices and some guitar lessons on Tuesday! It was neat being a part of the program though and I'm so glad we participated. It was very interesting to see how the kids stack up to a "different pool" of people. My friend assured me when we moved that the kids would thrive here and I am confident we are going to settle in fine. Thank you Coaches...Praise God.

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mcojaadams said...

Your new community is VERY lucky to have you and such athlete/talented kids move in! Macy looks ADORABLE in her cheerleading outfit! And Garrett, my how he has grown!