Monday, November 24, 2008

Mel's Monday Musings Vol 1 titling this volume one I'm assuring you all that it will happen again. I just figure that if I'm going to keep you updated on our lives and stuff I should do it regularly and I liked all the M's so there you go! I wasn't even EXACTLY sure on the definition of musings so I just went and looked it up:
mus·ings [ myoozingz ]

plural noun


thoughts: thoughts, especially when aimless and unsystematic

Today IS Monday and my ever rotating mind has been once again spinning out of control. I go from thoughts of the economy, to God's provision, to basketball, to Fly Lady and on and on and I guess I can pretty well handle the aimless and unsystematic! Well today I'm just going to pick a topic or two and share with you. The last two weeks have been the pukes around here...literally. Cayden started out sick, then Ethan had it, then Macy, then Cayden again, then Macy again, then Garrett and then Cayden again! WHEW! There is nothing like waking up at 3 in the morning to the sound of vomit splattering. At least when it splatters you know it's not on the would be better if it was splashing in the toilet however! After the initial incident has been thoroughly cleaned up, floor and subject(s) and proper sympathy and care has been administered to said subjects, the fun is just beginning. Mom (me) gets to sleep with whomever it was that was sick that time and listen for the tell tale signs of upcoming (hahahaha) episodes and place the bucket at just the right moment. Needless to say life as a mom is NEVER dull! I can honestly say as well that it doesn't matter how often you change sheets on a bed...the day you do...that night there WILL be an accident in it vomit or whatever. This theory has proven true numerous times in our household so... we just don't change sheets very often! Okay...enough of that.

Today Macy and I made "wrinkle" cookies. You know those ones with all the little bitty wrinkles in them. "Huh?" YOU KNOW...hand signals here...the little bitty wrinkles all over them like I had at my pajama party at school! Okay...if you haven't figured it out yet...she wanted to make cookies with frosting and sprinkles on them. So we made a batch of sugar cookies before she left for school. As she was headed out to the bus stop she asked me if I could go ahead and put the wrinkles in them before she got home! Whoever it was that said being a stay at home mom is NOT a REAL job...was never a stay at home mom...
we'll save the discussion about "China" till next time. Have a Blessed Day!

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